Email Alerts


This section is to give you some assistance with how to set up the email alerts. In order to set up an email alert you need do either a basic or advanced search. You can then set up an email alert even without creating a user login.

Simple set up

Start the process by doing either a basic search from the home page or an advanced search from the job search page.

Depending on the location you are searching and the type of job role you may find that you get too may results, the best option if this happens is to narrow your search results by adding some additional filters in the advanced search such as reducing the distance, or adding a salary range etc.

You can try various combinations to get the most relevant results for you.

Once you are happy with the results you are getting you can set up an email alert for that search.

If you do not have an account and are not logged in you can simple add your email address to the field and add alert.

Receive by Email

Then every day you will receive an email with any new jobs that have bene posted in the last 24 hours that match you search criteria.

Using this method with no user account has a few restrictions for example you cannot edit your alert searches.

You are able to create multiple alerts and have them running all at once. Just do a separate search and add your email address again for the new search.

When you receive the email alert you will see that you have the option in the footer to be able to unsubscribe from the alerts. Just click on the link and follow the instructions to turn them all off.

If you want to edit of change you alert, for example if you were still getting too many or too few results, you might want to update the alert, you will need to create an account, see below.

Advanced set up

As mention above it may be that you want to be able to administer your searches. In order to do this, it is necessary for you to have a user account. You can use the registration system to do this using you email address or Facebook account.

Once you are logged in you can access your user account and review all your email alerts.

Under the saves searches you will see any that you have created.

Account Menu

Each search / email alert is listed separately.

Saved Search by Email

Clicking on the tick will enable or disable the email that is sent every day.

Saved Search

Clicking the magnifying glass will re-run the search for you.

Saved Search Delete

And the X will delete the search all together.

To make a change to a search simply delete it and recreate it with the new criteria.




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