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Reach thousands of targeted job seekers for your vacancy:

  • Online account management.
  • Fast: Post your vacancies in minutes.
  • Simple: Manage your applications online.
  • Effective: Free screening tools.
  • User role and permission management.
  • Up to 7 locations per advert.
  • Adverts valid for 1 month.
  • Credits never expire.
  • No hidden extras.

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Online account management

You can manage your account online with multiple locations and billing addresses, user administration, payment and billing is all done within our recruiter portal.

Simple pricing

Our price structure is also simple and straightforward, just credit your account and start to post your job adverts immediately. Your credits never expire so you can credit your account with multiple credits to get better volume discounts safe in the knowledge you will never lose them.

No hidden extras

All job postings are valid for 1 month. and you can add up to 7 locations in one advert all for the same price.

Why JobMagpie? It's not just about numbers

We're one of UK's newest online job boards and we're used by thousands of jobseekers, we currently have one and a half million active jobs available online. And we are adding new job boards all the time, the key to our success is that we are able to attract jobseekers in a way that other standard job boards simply cannot match.

Millions of active jobs!

But is about more than just impressive numbers.

We believe it's about bringing these companies and jobseekers together to their mutual benefit. No one wants to waste their time searching for unsutable jobs or jobseekers that are not matched. No one wants to have their hopes dashed. So we're constantly developing our search and match technology and our clever targeting systems.

This produces success - for both recruiters and jobseekers.

It's fast and effective

Just provide a job title, job description, and location. It's really that simple. Of course, we recommend you add as much relevant detail as possible to make your job ad as attractive and informative as possible to job seekers. For tips on how to get your job posting more easily noticed and increase the number of applications, we've created an easy to use, step by step guide on how to post a job.

Industry leading multi office multi location administration

Our office and usurer management system is unique allowing companies to set and administer multiple locations and multiple users, this allows posting credits to be shared or allocated to specific users quickly and efficiently also meaning economies of scale can be gained by large organisations sharing a single account whilst maintaining separate billing information.

Users roles and permission can also be individually set.

1.5 Million Active Jobs

You get free screening and ranking tools

Looking for specific qualifications such as work authorisation, minimum work experience or minimum education level? Once applications start to come in, you can filter on these criteria to see only candidates who meet your requirements, making it easy to organise and rank CVs online.

You also get superior candidate management tools

View the status of your active job postings on your Job Magpie homepage to see how many job seekers have viewed or applied to your job. Then, simply use the Manage Job Postings page to easily renew or remove your job postings.

We also offer free training and tutorials

Our easy-to-use online training videos are geared to get you recruiting fast. Access via your account, simply log in.

Cost effective

Our system is managed online which allows us to remain very cost effective and the more postings you add to your account the more discount you get. See our pricing page here.




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