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What is a job aggregator?

Our site is designed to help you search for jobs by searching across multiple online job posting websites. Our technology searches many different sources:

  • Job Boards
  • Recruitment sites
  • Agencies
  • Job Centres

Check the list of sites we aggregate.

This allows you to search in just one place rather than having to login and search lots of different sites, you can then easily compare the job market in one easy search.

I don't have time to search for jobs. What should I do?

Your best option is to set up Jobs by Email you will have jobs emailed directly to your inbox that match your specific search criteria. The system is set to monitor your searches and send you any matches on a daily basis. It is there for important that you get your search filters correct to weed out any irrelevant results. You can learn more about how to search on our help page here.

What internet browsers does Job Magpie support?

The site can be used on all of the main browsers, including:

  • Internet Explorer (7.0 onwards)
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Opera
  • Safari

What about security?

We take data security very seriously and we endeavour to keep our systems as safe as possible. We have technical processes in place to prevent data leakage or attack, and we have training in place for all our staff to reduce attacks using social engineering.

In addition we will never sell or give away any of your details to anyone other than those who have posted a job and are genuinely looking for candidates. For further information see our Terms & Conditions page.

If you have any concerns over security ie you believe your account has been corrupted then please contact us.


How do I search for Jobs?

From the homepage you can do a quick search. Simply fill in the job details you are looking for: key words, industry and location. If you want to supply more details click advanced job search. As an Alternative, you can log in to your account and search for jobs from there. You will then be able to save job vacancies and apply for them later or set up email alerts.

You can get more details on how to search here.

Can I search for jobs by location?

You are able to search for jobs and include a location filter.

I keep getting irrelevant search results. How can I stop this?

Try using different keywords and also using the search filters make sure you add as much detail as you can within the search criteria. This could reduce the number of results you receive but they should be more relevant.

Can I search for jobs which require certain languages?

Yes, just make sure that you enter the language as a key work within you search. Use the language name and not the country i.e. French and not France.

Can I search for jobs by industry?

Yes, this is one of the search filters you can use. We have over 50 industries that you can to choose from. if you're not sure leave the default as all industries. You should note that not all aggregated job boards use industries. So selecting a specific one may reduce your results.

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Already registered?

I tried to register my CV but it says I've already registered. What should I do?

If your email address is already registered with us, try doing a forgot user account or forgot password to recover your account. If that fails use the contact us and well sort you out.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password at any time. Log in to your account and click change password button from the My Account page.

I have forgotten my password. What do I do?

You can do a password reset from the login page.

I think someone else has registered using my details. What should I do?

Please contact us using the contact us form and we will resolve the issue. NOTE: We may require further proof of identity if there is a conflict.

Account Details

Which file type's do you accept?

We accept all of the following files when uploading you CV or Certificates: .doc .docx .rtf .txt .pdf .wps .odt .jpg .png and .gif

Is there a limit to the size of my CV / documents?

Yes we limit the size to 10Meg this is also to help with security breaches.

Can I remove my CV?

Yes, once you've found your ideal job you may wish to remove your CV. Log in to the candidate area and click 'Delete CV'. You can also close your account at any time.

Why do I need to enter my key skills?

By entering you key skills you are helping your CV to appear on different searches that recruiters are making. If you add more variation in your key skills it can help you to appear in more search results. We also have plans to develop a more sophisticated skills matching tool, that will require recruiters to pinpoint what skills they are after, this will also even better matching.

Can I save jobs I am interested in?

Yes, as long as you are logged in to your account profile you can save jobs and view them at a later date. To view saved jobs log in to your jobseeker profile then click Saved Jobs in the My Account page from the menu.

How do I modify or update my CV?

You can simply delete the existing CV that we hold and upload an updated version.

Job Postings / Vacancies

I have a question about a job vacancy. Who should I contact?

Please contact the recruiter directly. The recruiter's contact details can be found at the bottom of the full job description or on their company profile.

Does it matter of I am freelance or self-employed?

Absolutely not you can still register and us eth system, many job boards post jobs for this type of position. You should also register you CV.


Can I apply for jobs on JobMagpie?

You can only apply directly for jobs posted on JobMagpie Jobs that are aggregated form other sources you will need to apply directly though those sites. We are working hard to make it possible for you to apply for those jobs via JobMagpie however not all jobs sites allow us fill access to their data and therefore it’s not always possible.

Can I apply for a job without registering my CV?

If you are applying for Job posted directly on JobMagpie then you will need to have a CV loaded, however if it’s an aggregated job form another site you may need to use that site to apply and you therefore may not need to have one in JobMagpie, however we recommend that you upload you CV so that it is available should it be necessary.

Remember we care about your privacy and treat you data very carefully.

I can't remember which jobs I've applied for. How do I find out?

Log in to your account profile and then click 'Applications'. You will see a list of applicants that you have made to jobs that are posted directly to JobMagpie. You will also see the status. For jobs that are aggregated we can only hold limited data about those and you have to ensure that you mark them as applied for, or they will not show in the list.

Can I track my job applications?

Once you have applied to a job that has been posted directly on JobMagpie you will receive an automatic email from us confirming that you have made an application.

If you do seem to have received the email confirmations or you are unsure that your application was received, you should check you applications page, or simply re apply, you can also get in contact with the recruiter directly.

Can I apply for the same job twice?

Yes you can, however, we only recommend doing this if absolutely necessary, for example if you don’t receive the confirmation or the application is not showing in your account profile.

Email Alerts

How do I set up Jobs by Email?

Once you have logged in to your account profile, click Saved Searches. You can set up as many as you need however we recommend that you use the advanced search to reduce the results that you receive, you can review the full emails alerts help here.

How do I change my Jobs by Email alerts?

You can update your Saved Searches and email alerts at any time and as often as you like simply click Saved Searches from your jobseeker profile, make your changes and then click Save.

How do I stop Jobs by Email alerts?

You can edit your jobs alerts at any time by logging into your account and changing the settings, Click Saved Searches from your account profile, disable them using the icon or delete them using the red X icon.

Mobile Versions

What can I do on the mobile app?

The app allows you to search all the jobs advertised on Job Magpie. Application features for registered candidates include:

  • Search all direct and aggregated Jobs
  • Receive alerts to matching searches
  • Apply directly to jobs from the app
  • Upload your CV
  • Save job searches and get push notifications
  • Email jobs to yourself or a friend
  • Add jobs to your favourites list and apply at a later time
  • Free download

How do I download the mobile app?

You can download the app from iTunes or from Google Play. The app is available for iPhone, iPad or Android devices. If you are having problems you can trouble shoot the app on the full help page here.

How much does the app cost?

The app is free!

I can't log in to the mobile app. What should I do?

Double check you are using the correct log in details do this by logging in to the main site. If you're still having problems contact us here via the contact page, and we will assist you. please make sue you give us full details of the issue you are having, and also describe the devise details.


I've found an inappropriate job posting, what should I do?

Please contact us via the contact page with details of the problem and we will check it out and if necessary remove the posting. If the posting is with another job site that we don’t control then we will advise that job site and put a block in place so that it doesn’t get aggregated by us.

I have a question that is not answered here. What should I do?

Please double check the other sections within candidate FAQs. If your question is not answered anywhere you can contact us via the contact page.




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