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Searching for a job is one of the hardest things to get right, it’s also the biggest complain users make about online job sites, they say that you don’t get the right sort of jobs and you get bombarded with lots of irrelevant matches. So we have put a lot of thought into how people like to search.

There are two searches available:

The quick search is available from the home page.

You can add details of the type of job that you are looking for, and the location, you can also filter by the type of position.

Quick Search

  • Keywords

    In the keywords box you can type your job title or skill or company or specific project or experience or qualification, you can actually search for anything, however we recommend that you start by considering the job title. But think about what the title might be many recruiters use different words for the same job you may need to try a few options.

    You can also exclude specific words form you search simply by butting the (!) exclamation mark before the word.

    The key word search searches both the job title and also the job description and will return any matches.

  • Location

    When considering a location you can enter a town, city or even country. The search will find any jobs where the recruiter has entered that exact name. If the location is particularly important to your search then it may be better to use the Advanced Search to narrow your results.

    The suggested towns and cities will be based on your location.

  • Contract Type

    You can also filter your results by the type of job weather that is a permanent, contact part time or temporary position, etc.

    Job Type

When doing an advanced search you have a lot more options and filters that you can apply. These allow you to really narrow down what you are looking for and exclude anything you are not interested in. It also helps to limit the number of email alerts that you might get.

Search Fields

  • Must contain all these words
  • Exclude these words

These fields allow you to include or exclude words from you search. What you enter will be searched for in both the job title and also the job description.

Search Title Only

"Search Title only" will return results where these key word are within the job title only and it will ignore and matches that it finds in the job description.

Within / location

The Within field works in conjunction with the location filed. The default is set to 20 Km. You should start by deciding on what location you want to search, this could be a specific town or city that you want to search around, or you home location for example.

Then set the distance that you want to include in you search. You can narrow the result to within 5 KM of you selected location to you can expand it to 100KM. You should note this distance is based on straight line distance and not the potential commuting distance.

The results shown will give the distance from the location you selected.

JobMagpie will calculate the distances even for jobs posted on other job sites that do not have this feature, another good reason to do all your searching here on JobMagpie.

Search Radius

Salary Range

The salary range allows you to give a Max and Min salary that you are expecting. Some people ask why would you set a maximum, this can be useful in reducing the matches of jobs that are not really applicable.

To include a salary filter you should first select the salary type. You can specific if you want to look for the salary rage by hour, daily, weekly, monthly or annually.

Clever salary type conversion calculations!

If you pick any salary type and set a max and min range JobMagpie will automatically calculate all the other salary type ranges and show you result of jobs which are posted based on any other salary type.

So for example if you search for an hourly salary range you will still get jobs which were posted using an annual salary if that annual salary is within your criteria. So you don’t miss out on any jobs that happen to be posted by clients in a different format.

Contract Type

You can also filter your results by the type of job weather that is a permanent, contact part time or temporary position, etc.

Posted Within

The added within filter allows you to limit the results to only the postings that have been added to the jobsites within a particular period. The default is set to 30 days.

However, you can adjust your criteria and only show matches that have been added within the last 1, 3, 7, 14, 30, or 60 days.

This filter is not included in the email alerts because the alerts only pick up new postings that have been loaded that day.

Posted Within

Order by lets you set the order in which the results are shown:

  • Keyword Rank
    Rank displays the results in the order in which the system ranks the matches against your filters. How the ranking is calculated is explained in the search results help.
  • Date Posted
    Date posted will display the results showing the most recent matches first. This is based on the date the job was added to the job site.
  • Radius
    This will show the nearest results fist. Based on the radius search explained above.

Clear Search

The clear search allows you to reset all of the search fields so you can start again. Or easily try different variations in your search.

Latest Searches is a quick way to see what searches you have carried out in the past, you need to have cookies enabled on the site if you would like to use this feature. You will also note that you will see the number of current matches for that search.

The latest searches stores your previous 9 searches and allows you to re run them without entering the details again.

You can also set up email alerts based on your searches so that you get sent updates of any Jobs that get posted that match your criteria. You can set the details of these alerts and can switch them on or off at any time, we hate spam as much as you do!

More help on Email alerts can be found here.

Having trouble with you results? What to make a suggestion or feature request, use our contact page.




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